Rose Alloy Watch
Rose Alloy WatchRose Alloy WatchRose Alloy WatchRose Alloy Watch

Antique Rose Alloy Vintage Watch Necklace

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Petite Quartz locket watch in brushed antique rose alloy.   All our antique rose alloy watches will have a unique vintage enamel bird scene and a solid bronze key charm.  The locket watch opens up to reveal a mirrored interior and Quartz watch dial.  Complete with a 32 inch bronze chain.  An additional 16 chain is supplied so the key can be worn separately.

Meaning:  Birds are an age old symbol of freedom and many cultures believe that birds symbolize eternal life.

Chain length: 32 inch (82cm). If you would prefer a longer or shorter chain just send me a message.

Watch dimensions: 3.0cm x 3.0cm Battery supplied plus spare battery included

Watch: Brushed antique rose alloy

Presented in an I.Love.Vintage© handcrafted decoupage gift box.


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