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Nostalgic minted lucky Vintage Silver Sixpence bronze pendant tassel necklace.  Enchanting and beautifully crafted Victorian inspired glass ball bronze pendant containing a polished King George V1 minted edition Silver Sixpence suspended inside. The beautiful pivoting glass ball setting allows both the front and back of the coin to be viewed.

Each coin is individually hand-picked and minted between 1947 and 1951.  It is then set  in the unique tempered glass magnified setting.  A unique pendant which is not only beautiful but, as with all minted coins, it also has the potential to increase in value.  Complete with 21 inch bronze chain and vintage bronze tassel.

Meaning:  Since the 1600’s the Silver Sixpence has been linked with luck. It is associated with health, fertility, happiness, wealth and wedded bliss. Complete with notes on the history of the lucky Silver Sixpence.

Chain: 53cm (21 inches). Extendable by 3cm.

Glass Ball: 2.5cm (diameter).

Sixpence:  King George VI Silver Sixpence. Minted between 1947 and 1951

Bronze: Antiqued

Presented by I.Love.Vintage© in a handcrafted decoupage gift box

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