Live Laugh Love
Live Laugh LoveLive Laugh Love

Two ‘Live Laugh Love’ Solid Bronze His/Hers Disk Necklaces

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Two solid bronze Bohemian inspired disk necklaces engraved with the words ‘Live Laugh Love’ – the perfect anecdote to happiness. Supplied with bronze chains.

Meaning:  The words ‘live laugh love’ are part of a poem, entitled ‘Success’, written in 1904,  by author Elizabeth-Anne Anderson Stanley.  The first line reads “He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much”. Traditionally bronze symbolizes the 8th wedding so this is an ideal gift for a special anniversary.  The historic origins of giving symbolic gifts on wedding anniversaries dates back to the Roman Empire when husbands crowned their wives with silver and gold.

Chain Lengths:  16 inch and 20 inch antique bronze chains included.  *If you would prefer chains of the same l longer (or shorter) chains please contact us at time of order with preferred lengths

Charms: 2.0cm (diameter)

Bronze: Antiqued

Keys are presented by I.Love.Vintage© in a handcrafted decoupage gift box.


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