Vintage Copper Key Necklaces
Vintage Copper Key NecklacesVintage Copper Key Necklaces

Two Vintage Copper Key Necklaces

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Product Description

Pair of beautiful solid copper vintage sceptre keys necklaces.  Supplied with copper chains. Antiqued for true vintage appeal.

Meaning: Throughout history, the key is a symbol of destiny.  It also represents the key to the heart of a loved one. The 8th wedding anniversary is traditionally symbolized by bronze so these vintage key necklaces are very popular for anniversaries.

Chain Lengths:  16 inch and 20 inch antique copper chains included.  *If you would prefer longer (or shorter) chains please contact us at time of order with preferred lengths

Keys: 5.0cm x 1.6cm

Copper: Antiqued

Keys are presented by I.Love.Vintage© in a handcrafted decoupage gift box.


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