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flying freeflying freeFlying Free Vintage Swallow Bird Bracelet

Flying Free Vintage Swallow Bird Bracelet

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Beautiful hand-worked solid bronze vintage swallow bird bracelet.

Meaning: The symbol of the swallow bird is associated with enduring love and freedom. Historically the swallow symbol was also used by ancient sailors. The symbol was used for luck to encourage a safe passage home as legend has it that the swallow returns to the same place every year to nest.  It also represents spring, rebirth and fertility.

Length: This bracelet is made to a standard length of 7.0 inches long (17.5cm approx) from end to end including lobster clasp.  If you would prefer it longer or shorter just send me a message at time of order.

Swallow bird: 1.5cm x 2.00cm (measured from tips of wings)

Solid Bronze: Aged and antiqued

Presented in an I.Love.Vintage© handcrafted decoupage gift box




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