Switching to a Vegan Diet

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As a vegetarian for over 25 years, 15 months ago in January 2018, I took the last and final leap into the world of veganism. For me, switching to a vegan diet has been a huge turning point. I am unsure why it took me so long to make that switch and I cannot be the only one to have asked themselves why they did not make that switch sooner. Suffice to say, I have never felt better about my health, my body and the planet I live on. And I feel so utterly relieved that I have no physical input in the horror story that is the meat, fish and dairy industry. If we all switched that story would end

Why I love bronze, copper and gemstones

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As an artisan, I really enjoy working with natural metals such as bronze and copper, both of which are my favorite metals in jewelry making. They are both very versatile and highly durable. They also give gemstones a perfect setting. These metals have beautiful patinas (surfaces) which darken or lighten over time. This is because bronze and copper naturally react to the environment such as heat and moisture.